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Judgment of abnormal pregnancy and placental function

Ectopic pregnancy: the serum hCG concentration doubles every 1.7-2.5 days under normal circumstances. In normal intrauterine trophoblast dysplasia, hCG rises slowly. However, failure to achieve this growth rate in embryo development or implantation may indicate a greater likelihood of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. However, even if hCG increases as scheduled, it is necessary to refer to E2 and P values to make a preliminary judgment. For example, E2 and P values are very low, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy should be considered. The positive predictive value of normal hCG elevation excluding ectopic pregnancy was 94.7%.

Another reliable method is to compare ultrasonic results with hCG concentrations. When the hCG is more than 1000-2000iu /L, vaginal ultrasound should be able to identify the intrauterine pregnancy capsule; The intrauterine pregnancy capsule can only be identified by abdominal ultrasound when the hCG must reach 6500IU/L. If this is not the case, an ectopic pregnancy should be suspected. Of course, also refer to the next menstruation or embryo transfer time, if the time is too short, even if the hCG value is high, B ultrasound may not be able to see the pregnancy sac.