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The chairman was invited to attend the seminar on the improvement of the quality standard of biochemical drugs (heparin drugs) and the development of high quali

March 27-29, 2019, the group chairman and founder Liu Naishan, group Du Jin QuShiYe, senior consultant Zhao Jiyu, executive general manager, quality manager summer line to one line of five people took part in the national pharmacopoeia committee and biochemical pharmaceutical industry association jointly held in nanjing of China "biochemical medicine, heparin drugs quality standards rise and industry development seminar of" high quality, TTF attending heparin industry chain and the Chinese and foreign exchange activities.

Chairman of the board of directors in seminar entitled the heparin sodium process analyses and the industrial development of the keynote speech, focuses on the size of the group's growing industry, international leading heparin sodium production process, the folded demonstration area construction in China in the relevant situations of the "Shanghai biological medicine industrial park", causes the Chinese and foreign participants.

In this seminar, meng fanhong, a lawyer from Beijing king & wood law firm, gave a speech titled "analyzing the competitive situation of global heparin technology from the perspective of patent". From this, we learned that the number of technical invention patents of the group in the production method of heparin sodium API has ranked the first in China and the first in the world.

In addition, we learned from the consultation of relevant departments and related website that the number of technical invention patents of the group has ranked the first in jiaozhou city, the sixth in Qingdao city and the sixth in shandong province in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, highlighting the strong technical strength of the group and making steady and lasting contribution on the road of innovation-driven development.

It is reported that the chairman was also invited to attend the "special celebration of the 10th anniversary of the 2019 heparin industry 360 ° summit forum" to be held in chongqing on April 25-26, and delivered the keynote speech as the main guest.