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Chairman liu naishan delivers 2019 New Year message

As the New Year arrives, liu naishan, chairman of Qingdao jiulong bio-pharmaceutical group, delivered a New Year's message for 2019. The full text is as follows:

A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.

On the occasion of the 2019 New Year, on behalf of all the staff of Qingdao jiulong biomedical group, I would like to extend my New Year greetings and best wishes to our customers and partners at home and abroad. I wish you a prosperous business, financial prosperity, all the best! At the same time, I wish all the staff a happy New Year and a healthy family!

The year of 2018, which has just passed, is the middle year of the group's "three five" plan and the key year for achieving the "three five" plan. Over the past year, the group has adhered to the "three chemical management", made solid work and practiced internal skills. Four pharmaceutical companies have developed vigorously, and eight photovoltaic projects have been connected to the grid for power generation. At the same time, following the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, we have extensively participated in the world medical exhibition and multilateral exchange and visit activities, constantly visited old customers and old friends, met new customers and new friends, attracted the talents of plants and plants, and attracted the talents of enterprises.

Kangyuan pharmaceutical's HCG, HMG, FSH, UK and UTI, three raw materials for urine products, continued to maintain the position of "the world's largest market share" and was rated as the "hidden champion" of Chinese manufacturing industry. Kowloon biomedical heparin sodium and other biological products of high quality and good price, the product quality of the world's first, the export volume to the United States continues to maintain China's first; The further development and expansion of the market of the freeze-dried powder injection torasemide of huamax pharmaceutical co., LTD. The calcium lactate tablets of guanlong biopharmaceutical have successfully passed the national GMP certification, and the company has acquired land of 85 mu in the Shanghai cooperation demonstration zone to build a new factory with world high-end standards.

In Germany, the transformation of the 10 API workshops of Germany lotus bio-pharmaceutical co., LTD., a wholly-owned company, has been completed and will be put into operation within the year. Photovoltaic projects built on the roof of the factory and idle space can be officially connected to the grid to generate electricity at the beginning of the New Year.

On April 3, 2018, the company has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the pharmaceutical companies in the United States and successfully developed a class of innovative drugs in the United States, which will generate economic benefits within the year.

In Russia, on August 30, 2018, it signed a cooperation agreement with madsen pharmaceutical group, CPH company in the state duma building, witnessed by 10 key members including the duma member and the mayor of jiaozhou city, which will generate economic benefits within the year. On December 17, Russia's twips tile pharmaceutical company board chairman and chief development officer, accompanied by CPH company President, successfully examined group and in demonstration area, the vice mayor of Qingdao, the food and drug administration, business bureau leadership and producing soft container bags.for mayor, deputy mayor and development zone, commerce bureau, Kowloon office, a warm welcome, and sign on the demonstration zone cooperation agreement, pioneered the development of the international cooperation in new ways.

At this point, we all the hardships on the entrepreneurial journey, self-motivated forward for 28 years, rely on constant innovation, from small to large, from weak to strong, achieved a great development by leaps and bounds, in recent years, and developed a "day" medicine ", "two innovation, become the today have 16 varieties of biopharmaceuticals and 59 preparation product rules of four domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, four foreign sole proprietorship, joint venture pharmaceutical companies, as well as the collection of 26 raw materials medicine group; The company has become the first and exclusive manufacturer of heparin sodium API in China with two workshops 0483 certified and certified by the FDA of the United States, and the first and exclusive manufacturer of HCG API certified by the FDA of the United States, with a complete industrial chain from basic materials to API to preparation. In the past five years, sipo has accepted 345 group invention patents, 50 of which have been authorized.

Standing at the end of 2019, we are looking forward to a bright future and full of confidence. In the New Year, the sales volume of kangyuan pharmaceutical co., ltd. and jiulong bio-pharmaceutical co., ltd. will reach the highest level in history, and the production and operation of huamax pharmaceutical co., ltd. and guanlong bio-pharmaceutical co., ltd. will be fully realized.

Ten API workshops in Germany and three in Russia will be built and put into operation. Innovative drugs imported from the United States will be produced in the Shanghai cooperation demonstration zone. In particular, before May Day, the Russian parliament will lead a delegation to visit the group and the Shanghai cooperation demonstration zone, and a number of signed Russian pharmaceutical companies, such as madsen and nateva, will cooperate with the group to build factories based on its drug production license.

The festival times miss, the most beautiful is Thanksgiving.

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, we face the high sky and thick soil, bent into a bow, sincere to the ceremony, Thanksgiving new and old customers, partners for more than 20 years of the same industry, sincere cooperation, care and care! Thanksgiving all the staff of the company pull together, struggle!

The vast and boundless, sails but trade winds.

Looking to the future, let us carry forward the spirit of equality, mutual trust, inclusiveness, mutual learning and win-win cooperation, forge a stronger community of Shared future, and pray for common prosperity, prosperity and happiness. Work hard for a common goal and greater success!

Thank you!