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PICC blocked tube don't panic, urokinase to help!

  Recently, the PICC of an old granny in the author's department could not be extracted from the blood, and there was no response to the nudge. The author's department rarely encountered PICC, which made us puzzled. We immediately consulted the PICC clinic, and after guidance, we finally dredge it, and then Shared our experience with you.

PICC blocked tube don't panic, urokinase to help!

  Items needed: one tee, two 20ml syringes, urokinase, saline.

  Usage (full blocked tube) : apply 20ml normal saline to 100,000 units of urokinase (concentration: 5000 units /ml), extract 10ml of the configured urokinase with a 20ml syringe, connect the tee correctly, connect the straight end to urokinase, and connect the side of the tee to an empty 20ml syringe. Turn the tee to the end of the empty syringe, fix the syringe with one hand, and draw back the syringe with the other hand repeatedly to form negative pressure. Turn the tee to the other side under negative pressure.

  PICC half blocking pipe processing methods: 100000 units of urokinase with 20 ml diluted saline (5000 units/ml), with 20 ml syringe 1 ml urokinase injection intraductal, half an hour to smoke, if did not see h. smoke once every 1 hours back, until see h., returned to take more than 1 ml of blood abandon (including urokinase) in the blood, the correct wash pipe and tube.