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Urokinase's first generation of thrombolytic drugs

  Thrombolysis is an important milestone in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction, and the original tissue fibrinolytic enzyme activators are by far the most effective thrombolytic drugs, especially the listed at o enzyme, represents a specific era of thrombolytic drugs, but based on the situation of our country, the first generation of nonspecific drug urokinase is still the most popular of thrombolytic drugs.

Urokinase's first generation of thrombolytic drugs

  The first generation of thrombolytic drugs

  Represented by streptokinase (SK) and urokinase (UK),

  This class of thrombolytic drugs can be effective thrombolytic, but not fibrin-specific, and streptokinase has immunogenicity, easy to cause drug resistance, fever and allergy


  Discovered by Wiuiams in 1951

  Urine by humans or human kidney culture of a kind of serine protease, is composed of two polypeptide chain, originally the fibrin nonselective, can be directly activate fibrinolytic enzyme, make it into a fibrinolytic enzyme that fibrin clot, fibrinogen and blood coagulation factor V before and VIII degradation, and decompose fibrin deposits related to the blood clot and the role of, can seep into the fresh blood clots within are attached to the fibrous protein fiber online are more likely to activate enzymes, prompting fresh thrombus dissolving, the old have been getting our machine thrombus is invalid.

  Half-life 16 minutes

  Note: bleeding may occur at higher doses

  Therefore, the second generation of thrombolytic drugs focusing on specific plasminogen came into being.