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Follicular hormone on the high side do?

High follicle stimulating hormone in women is usually due to ovarian lesions, which may be caused by ovarian dysplasia or ovarian dysfunction, ovarian development or dysfunction caused by amenorrhea. Women with high follicle stimulating hormone need not be too careful, but can be artificially treated with hormone drugs for artificial cycle treatment and use chorionic gonadotropin to promote ovarian function and menstruation.

Follicular hormone on the high side do?

The diagnostic criteria for follicle stimulating hormone are different at each stage, so treatment for follicle stimulating hormone is highly dependent on time. Currently, there are two effective treatments:

1. The use of chorionic gonadotropin 1000 international units. At the beginning of the 10th day of menstruation, every other day muscle is injected 1 time, total 5 times, also can promote ovarian function and come menstruation, specific medication needs to follow the doctor's advice.

2. Artificial periodic treatment with hormone drugs. The next artificial cycle of treatment. General successive 3 cycles, also can more a few cycles, in artificial menstruation cycle drive, the likelihood menstruation can be normal gradually.