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To show you what is human chorionic gonadotropin 2

  The hospital's blood HCG test was taken from venous blood. Since HCG levels are not affected by eating, there is no need to fast or hold back urine before HCG testing. Currently, there are three common detection methods for HCG: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay screening method, sandwich enzyme immunoassay method, and immunocolloidal gold method. These methods have the advantages of high sensitivity, low cost and fast detection speed, and are widely used in clinical examination. When a woman goes to the hospital for a check-up, the clothes should be loose, if too much or too tight for blood tests. Clench your fist when drawing blood, and only open it when the needle enters a blood vessel. At this point, be quiet and steady. If the tension of the venipentesis causes nausea and dizziness, these symptoms can be alleviated by closing the eyes or turning the head.

  If blood HCG is low in the first trimester, it may be due to miscalculation during the last menstrual cycle. At this point, it should be reviewed daily. If the increase does not double, the patient must go to the hospital within 45 days for a b-ultrasound examination to determine whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy. If the pregnancy is in utero, it may be caused by fetal retardation. If there is no accompanying bleeding, go to the hospital for immediate treatment.

  Therefore, HCG is one of the most important pregnancy indicators, and pregnant women need to pay full attention to it. In fact, new mothers can expect a cute baby without worrying too much about it by stocking up on proper pregnancy preparation, elaborate and comprehensive obstetric examinations, a relaxed mind and scientifically nutritious meals.