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Analyze some situations that pregnant women often encounter!

  One, HCG doubles well, progesterone drops

  This suggests that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG progesterone is not very good. In this case, if there is a condition to rest, as long as progesterone is not very low, appropriate amount of progesterone supplement or no supplement can also protect the fetus.

Analyze some situations that pregnant women often encounter!

  2. Progesterone is normal and HCG doubling is not good

  Progesterone is normal, but HCG doubling is not good, which is rare, because HCG promotes the production of progesterone, and when HCG is not good, progesterone is not good. Let's elaborate from two situations:

  Progesterone is normal, and HCG doubling is "relatively" bad: one day, the measured value of HCG rises, but it does not reach the corresponding multiple, and the difference is a little bit, which is the corresponding bad. If you have tens of thousands of HCG, then start to double not so fast, speed down, this is normal.

  Progesterone is normal, HCG doubling is "absolutely" bad: absolutely bad is that the value is only doubled in a range, say 8 days, which is not very good. First rule out ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be something wrong with the embryo itself.

  Three, progesterone decreased, HCG doubled bad

  Instead of doubling, HCG decreases and progesterone also decreases. In this case, doctors often suggest to protect the fetus first. If there is still no improvement in the measures to protect the fetus, they will also suggest to give up this morning. Because in this case, it is very likely that the embryo itself is not good, foetus protection does not explain the significance, if forced foetus protection, even if the foetus protection is successful, in the following pregnancy, the embryo also faces a lot of tests, even the embryo will suffer from sterilization, until the abortion, the mother-to-be will increase a risk.

  To sum up, HCG and progesterone are indispensable for protecting the fetus. They work together on the embryo, on the one hand, to provide nutrients to the embryo, and on the other hand, to ensure the safety of the embryo. HCG doubling is not good, because of the lack of nutrients, the embryo may be stunted or even stopped. Not enough progesterone, the embryo will implant instability, causing bleeding and even abortion. But HCG and progesterone value is low, not necessarily will miscarriage, just the probability will increase, pregnant mother need not too panic, once bleeding, should go to the test, but have adverse pregnancy history of pregnant mother can be tested regularly, just in case.