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The application of urokinase thrombolysis in hemodialysis!

  Hemodialysis is one of the methods of renal replacement therapy for chronic renal failure. To complete hemodialysis treatment, an effective vascular access must be established, which can be said to be the lifeline of patients. With the increasing number of patients with long-term catheterization on hemodialysis, the incidence of catheter dysfunction also increases gradually.

The application of urokinase thrombolysis in hemodialysis!

  Recently, the blood dialysis room of the fourth people's hospital of hulun buir (former agricultural reclamation hospital) sent the backbone of the department to the higher hospital to learn urokinase embolization, and conducted  many exchanges and discussions in the general department.

  Urokinase is an anti - fibrinolytic agent with good thrombolytic effect and low bleeding rate. Urokinase embolization is to inject the appropriate ratio of urokinase solution into the arteriovenous end of the catheter according to the volume of the lumen so that urokinase gradually permeates into the fibrin of the inner wall of the catheter and around the catheter to activate plasminogen and promote fibrinolysis.

  For patients with hemodialysis catheterization, the regular application of urokinase prophylactic intra-catheter thrombolysis therapy can maintain the long-term patency of the catheter and meet the blood volume, solutes clearance index and indentation time required for dialysis adequacy, so as to enhance the dialysis effect and reduce the economic burden and mental pressure. At the same time, this technique also makes up for the shortcomings of indwelling catheter thrombolytic therapy in the department for many years.