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Follicle stimulating hormone, take a look!

  What is follicular estrogen?

  Even if the hormone is a gonadotropin similar to luteinizing hormone, it stimulates estrogen production. Normally, a woman releases a mature and dominant follicle every month. After each menstruation, the pituitary gland releases FSH and luteinizing hormone to mature the follicle.

  The standard value for follicular stimulation is normal. In women, this hormone is between 5 and 40mIU/ml, usually less than 5 miu /ml during puberty and more than 40mIU/ml after menopause.

  The more FSH, the better

  Follicle whether estrogen can promote follicle stimulating the more the better, in fact just the opposite, follicle the more estrogen, but it is not easy to pregnant woman, this is because the normal woman hormones in 15 ~ 40 mIU/ml, hormone, that may change constantly with the menstrual cycle, estrogen reaches a certain peak also inhibits follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, so if the hormones to normal levels will be better.