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How does urinary system disease cure??

Urinary problems have become a headache for many men. The symptoms of urinary system diseases generally include frequent urination, urgency and pain. This can have a serious impact on men's health. So how does urinary system disease cure after all?

How does urinary system disease cure??

Urinary system disease dietary precautions

1. Avoid foods containing oxalic acid and calcium

Spinach, beet and other foods are rich in calcium oxalate, so urinary calculus patients are not suitable to eat. Calcium oxalate promotes stone formation.

Avoid high-protein foods

High protein food intake can lead to increased urates, cysteine, and yellow allopurinin, which can lead to stone formation. Therefore, such foods as animal intestines, heart, liver, brain, milk, cheese, beef and mutton and various kinds of beans should be eaten as little as possible.

Avoid strong tea

Strong tea contains tannic acid that promotes stone formation, so do not drink strong tea, can drink clear tea or water instead, pay attention not to drink water with higher mineral concentration.