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The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin

  1. Diagnosis of early pregnancy: HCG can rise to more than 2500 IU/L at 35 ~ 50 days after pregnancy. It can reach 80,000 IU/L at 60 ~ 70 days, and the urine HCG of multiple pregnancies is often higher than that of one pregnancy.

  2. The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin

  2. Determination of abnormal pregnancy and placental function:

  (1) ectopic pregnancy: such as ectopic pregnancy, this test only 60% of the positive rate, three days after uterine bleeding, HCG can still be positive, so HCG examination can be used as it and other acute abdomen differentiation. HCG is usually 312 ~ 625 IU/L.

  (2) diagnosis and treatment of abortion: incomplete abortion, if there is residual placental tissue in the uterus, HCG examination can still be positive; HCG changes from positive to negative in the case of complete abortion or stillbirth, so it can be used as the reference basis for fetal protection or uterine aspiration therapy.

  (3) threatened abortion: such as urine HCG still maintain high levels will not occur inevitable abortion. If the HCG is below 2500 IU/L and gradually decreases, miscarriage or stillbirth may occur. When the HCG is below 600 IU/L, miscarriage is inevitable. In the treatment of foetus preservation, if HCG continues to decline, it means that foetus preservation is ineffective; if HCG continues to rise, it means that foetus preservation is successful.

  (4) postpartum 4 days or 13 days after induced abortion, serum HCG should be less than 1000 IU/L, postpartum 9 days or 25 days after induced abortion, serum HCG should return to normal. If this is not the case, the possibility of anomalies should be considered.

  3. Trophoblast tumor diagnosis and treatment monitoring

  Hydatidiform mole and malignant hydatidiform mole and chorionic carcinoma and testicular teratoma significantly increased in patients with urinary HCG, right up to 100000 millions to IU/L available dilution test diagnosis such as 12 weeks ago 1:500 dilute urine pregnancy medical education network collect positive, after 12 weeks of pregnancy 25 0 dilute urine positive of hydatidiform mole diagnosis value. Positive 1:100 ~ 1:500 diluted urine also has diagnostic value for choriocarcinoma. For example, elevated HCG in male urine, testicular tumors such as spermatogonial carcinoma, malformation and ectopic HCG tumor should be considered.

  2. HCG should be urinated 3 weeks after trophoblastic tumor

  4. Other menopause, ovulation and bilateral oophotomectomy can cause increased luteinizing hormone, because LH and HCG alpha peptide chain composition is the same, so the use of anti-hcg antibody pregnancy test positive, at this time can be used to collect the single medical education network of beta HCG enzyme immunoassay identification. Endocrine diseases such as pituitary diseases, hyperthyroidism, gynecological diseases such as ovarian cysts, uterine cancer and other HCG can also increase.

  These are about the human chorionic gonadotropin related introduction, hope to help you, but still remind you that due to different physical conditions, so if found abnormal please seek medical advice.