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Common sense in using urokinase is important

  Urokinase many old friends must know this kind of drugs, because the old man after the age is susceptible to a variety of diseases, especially the thrombosis, blood disease, myocardial infarction, heart disease and so on, for these diseases treatment in addition to pay attention to the daily habits and eating habits, but also after drug treatment, and that is to introduce the urokinase.It is through the body kidney training organization protein, an enzyme extracted using method is generally by injected into the human body, is relatively safe treatment drugs, next to give you a detailed introduction of the drug.

Common sense in using urokinase is important

  The action of urokinase

  After the old age, risk thrombus is particularly big, if it doesn't pay attention to it is easy to death, acute diffuse pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, coronary artery embolism, these are to be used by urokinase, and can dissolve thrombus well off after use, after use need some auxiliary other drugs to fight disease.

  The side effects of urokinase

  1. after injection, the most common adverse reactions is bleeding tendency, patients group internal bleeding probability is 5% - 11%, bleeding is relatively mild, patients with serious cerebral hemorrhage may occur.

  2. Patients with coronary artery embolism may experience arrhythmia after injection of this product, which is up to 70% of the time. Special persons are required to check the patients' ecg.

  3. Due to the low antigenicity, patients have a very low incidence of allergy after the injection of this product.There have been reports of skin rashes, fever, bronchospasm and other conditions caused by the use of urokinase.

  Caution on the use of urokinase

  1. the injection should view the patients during the reaction, measure the body temperature, pulse frequency, blood pressure, bleeding tendency, breathing rate, and so on and so forth, measuring time, every 4 hours if the patient appear allergic phenomenon, must be stopped.

  2. A successful intravenous injection is required. If the injection is not successful, it may cause local bleeding and hematoma of the injection needle.

  3. After the injection, local pressure should be applied for 30 minutes, and sterile bandages should be used to compress the injection wound to avoid excessive bleeding.

  In a word, the emergence of urokinase has brought a lot of old friends hope that the current through the drug, make a lot of old people got a lot of blood disease control, currently on the market can produce the drug manufacturer rarely, you need to ask when buy relevant personage, through their professional guidance to buy the regular products.It is also necessary to pay attention to relevant precautions when taking the medicine, so as to ensure good results and avoid adverse reactions.