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Human chorionic gonadotropin values can be used to screen for which diseases

  1. Early pregnancy: generally, the blood or urine chorionic gonadotropin value can be detected around 10 days after fertilization, and the clinical trial is generally replaced by pregnancy test;

  2. Human chorionic gonadotropin values can be used to screen for which diseases

  2. Ectopic pregnancy; Ectopic pregnancy is extremely dangerous for pregnant women, one careless will be bleeding shock and fatal, ectopic pregnancy HCG value is significantly lower than the normal pregnancy hormone level at the same time, combined with B ultrasound and other examinations, can be clearly diagnosed; When ectopic pregnancy ruptures, HCG levels rise rapidly, which is of great help in judging the disease.

  Grape foetus: the trophoblast cells proliferate highly, producing a lot of chorionic gonadotrophin; if bh-hcg stows 100000U/L, it has irregular vaginal bleeding after menstruation; the uterus exceeds that of the month after menstruation; sometimes it can be seen that grape-like vesicle tissue is discharged from the vagina, the occurrence of grape foetus needs to be vigilant.

  4. Erosive hydatidiform mole: patients with previous history of hydatidiform mole and curettage are at higher risk. The clinical manifestations and examination were similar to those of hydatidiform mole, but the pathological results were different. It is a kind of tumor between choriocarcinoma and hydatidiform mole.

  5. Choriocarcinoma: often secondary to hydatidiform mole, miscarriage, full-term delivery, ectopic pregnancy. The degree of malignancy is high, b-hcg value is higher, easy to spread through the blood channel, the most common site of metastasis is the lung. It can be alleviated by chemotherapy.

  HCG is not only used to diagnose early pregnancy, its hormone levels are important throughout pregnancy. Women who wish to become pregnant have a full understanding of HCG and are actively seeking prenatal testing.