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A few common sense about human chorionic gonadotropin (Part 2)

  3. HCG detection time

  Generally, HCG will appear in the urine a few days after pregnancy. However, due to the small amount in the initial stage, it is not easy to detect, and it will be gradually obvious until 10-14 days later. Blood tests are more accurate than urinals, and a woman's blood level of HCG increases from day 9-11 after conception and doubles every two days thereafter. In the first 8 weeks of gestation the growth is rapid to maintain the pregnancy. After about 8 weeks of gestation, HCG gradually declines until it reaches a relatively stable level at about 20 weeks.

A few common sense about human chorionic gonadotropin (Part 2)

  4. HCG normal table

  Determination of the time of the specimen of the old unit of normal old → new coefficient legal unit of normal new → old coefficient

  Non-pregnant blood <3.1mIU/ml 1 <3.1U/L 1

  >5.0mIU/ml 1 >5.0U/L 1

  Blood >100mIU/ml 1 >100U/L 1 at 30 days of gestation

  Blood >2000mIU/ml 1 >2000U/L 1 at 40 days gestation

  Blood at 10 weeks of gestation 50 ~ 100IU/ml 1 50 ~ 100kU/L 1

  Gestational week blood 10 ~ 20IU/ml 1 10 ~ 20kU/L 1

  Trophoblastic disease blood >100IU/ml 1 >100kU/L 1

  5. Test the significance of HCG

  1. Diagnosis of early pregnancy

  2. Determine ectopic pregnancy, abortion and placental function

  3. Diagnosis of trophoblast tumor