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What symptom does urinary system disease have?

The signs and symptoms of urinary system diseases can be divided into:

What symptom does urinary system disease have?

1. Patients with obvious symptoms of urinary system: there are mainly changes in urination, such as frequency of urination, urgency of urination, pain of urination, enuresis, difficulty in urination, etc.; Changes in urine, such as hematuria, pyuria, chyluria, etc. Pain associated with urinary system organs or parts, such as renal colic, bladder pain, etc. If the patient has such symptoms, a preliminary diagnosis can be made in combination with medical history and systemic manifestations. Diagnosis can be made by routine urine examination and special targeted examination, such as X-ray, b-type ultrasonic scanning and other imaging and endoscopic examination. Patients with urinary system infection, stones, tumors (especially bladder tumors) are mostly of this type.

2. For those who have systemic symptoms without obvious urinary system symptoms, the patient has only fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, low fever and high blood pressure, but no obvious urinary system symptoms. In this case, the disease is easy to ignore. For example, patients with chronic glomerulonephritis may have no obvious symptoms of urinary system for a long time, until the occurrence of renal insufficiency, often due to poor appetite or anemia and medical treatment. Some patients with renal tumors do not have typical symptoms such as hematuria, tumor, pain, and so on, but only show low fever. Routine urine tests often provide important clues in the absence of urinary system symptoms. For example, proteinuria in chronic glomerulonephritis and increased urinary red blood cells in tumors (microscopic hematuria) are of great help in diagnosis. When hypothermia, anaemia, edema, hypertension and other reasons do not allow time, attention should be paid to urine examination, if necessary, repeated examination. Systemic diseases such as diabetes, gout and occupational diseases can cause secondary nephropathy. Drugs can also cause kidney damage.

3. Asymptomatic diseases of the urinary system, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease are important. Therefore, regular health check is extremely important, and the health check for urinary system diseases should include rectal fingering (understanding prostate conditions), routine urine examination and type B ultrasonography of renal site.